WOD 27.02.15 CFTN

dmitry-klokov-snatch1Partner WOD

“Death with partner by Snatch”
EMOM add 1 Snatch (70% 1 1RM)
1st minute: 1 Snatch
2st minute: 2 Snatch
3st minute: 3 Snatch….

For time with a partner
70 Lungees OH with KB 24/16 kg
60 Shoulder to overhead 60/40
50 Box Jump
40 Cleans 60/40
30 Strict Chin-ups

***One team-member works at a time. The other holds a barbell (20/10 kg), then switch. At no time can the barbell touch the ground, wall or any type of support; 5 burpee penalty (for both team mates) per violation ***