WOD 29.03.17

CrossFit Class
Emom 8 alt
30″ Supine Ring Rows
30″ Hollow Holds
rest 2′
Amrap 18
6 Bar MU (opzioni Mu con elatico, Chest-to-bar, Pull-ups)
12 Kettlebell Swings 24/16 kg
18 Pistol squat

Aerobic Capacity
Part 1
4x (Accelerate 20m, hold for 20m, slow for 20m, slow jog back to start)
10x air squats, 10x side back lunges, 10x front lunges, 10x squat jumps, 10x jumping split lunges.
Part 2:
4 x 25m rest 30″
Focus on start technique and body positions during drive and acceleration.
Main Set:
3 rounds: (100m sprint, 50m walk, 200m sprint, 100m walk, 100m sprint). Rest 2 min b/t sets.
Part 3:
Row 2000m (every minute 5 burpees)